Wow, I'm overwhelmed. Despite the monsoon, at least 80-90 people showed up at the OPEN HIVE launch party on Saturday (including a few friends from the city who braved the downpour on the Taconic).

Thanks to all who came. It's heartwarming to have so much support (or maybe it was just the free food and drink...). And special thanks to those who donated time or stuff to make OPEN HIVE such a success (see below).

BEAHIVE is just getting started and we're already at 17 members. Stay tuned for a host of programs and projects. Here are just a few coming up in the next month:

WORKSHOP - Pitching Your Story to Publications
Weds, July 1 // 7:30 - 9:30pm
Kelly Kingman

PLANNING MEETING - Hudson Valley Real Food Cooperative
Anne Dailey is expanding the food coop that she's been facilitating for a couple years now. Sometime over the next week or so a group of us are getting together to discuss what shape it will take. Email if interested in joining.

Details to come - will be a regular event

Details to come - will be a regular event

If you have suggestions or you'd like to use the space for your own event, workshop or group meeting, let me know. We can work out either a nominal rental fee or free use, depending on the nature of the event.

Remember: Join the hive before July 1 as a Founding Member and get special treatment.

music — Larry Sansone & Eric Helmuth, Stephen Dickens (DJ Birds in Buildings), Gosha Danilov (DJ Indra)
food/drink — Mara Farrell (Zette wine), Andrea Ramirez, Anne Dailey, Deborah Bigelow (who owns the building), Shelly Blumenthal
flyer — Steven Blumenthal
photos — Erin Giunta, Shelly Prokop, Paul O'Hanlon, Daisy Farrell
sound — Jon Miles