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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.
— Plutarch

We can help translate brand messaging into content that makes sense.

Dry, pedantic prose is fine if you're speaking to policy wonks. But if you want to spur the citizenry and move the media, you need to make the complex simple and project clear, strong messages in a context relevant to an audience — while still sounding intelligent.

You need to tell a story. A story that penetrates, connects and inspires. That ignites the mind, tickles the emotions, and stirs the soul. We'll light the match.

We adapt our style and voice as appropriate to the communiqué: from snappy, engaging marketing copy to journalistic press releases to stylistic, zesty editorial.

We can review your current materials to see what works and what doesn't and ensure consistency and effectiveness. We can also produce stuff from scratch.

Contact us and let's discuss how we can best help.

Antidotes in Action

The LEAP brochure has been extremely well received by the credit unions. They were emphatic about the quality, look and message... you nailed the look and feel we wanted to project.
— Peter Bray, executive director

NYCfNAC promotes access to financial services and credit for low-income residents through a network of the city's leading community development credit unions. We led a Taproot Foundation pro bono service grant to craft a brand strategy and name its business lending program, LEAP.

As executive director Peter Bray said, "It is a challenge for NYCfNAC to work collaboratively with the credit unions and to amalgamate their opinions and shape a coherent outcome." Our process did exactly that.

Taproot called the presentation to NYCfNAC's officers "one of the clearest and most well-written presentations that I’ve seen for a Naming grant. You’ve done a terrific job in not only presenting naming options, but helping the client to understand how to evaluate the names from an objective standpoint."

Following the branding strategy and naming development, we created a brochure incorporating the new name, branding and messaging.