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Ranks with some of the very best pro bono consultants I have seen out of the more than 600 corporate volunteers.
— Blake Smith - Senior Manager of Programs, Taproot Foundation

"Scott's facilitation was great! We thoroughly enjoyed the process, and we gained a lot from the exercise in solidifying our thoughts. Even though we are in a different time zone and across the pond, he managed to craft brand identity and messaging that just works."

— Nyi Nyein Aye, CEO & Managing Director, ThitsaWorks (Myanmar/NYC)

brand strategy + messaging

“Scott certainly gives all of himself at all times. He was very diligent throughout our many months working together. He saw my brand and my vision, and raised it higher. He saw it all from the future and brought it to my present. His ability to truly feel your work and articulate it so well, always impressed me. He took his time to get to know my process, my personality, my vision and then listened and listened for hours. I am also grateful for who he has been since our work ended. He continues to look out for me and connect me to the right resources. If you were to hire Scott you would also gain a lifelong friend. He believes in the work as much as you do. That has been my consistent experience of him. And I am forever grateful.”

— Christina Rasmussen, founder, Second Firsts

brand strategy + messaging

“Fantastic job lining up interviews and meetings for Mike [Brune, RAN's executive director] while he was on the East Coast. Some of those reporter sit-downs should pay real dividends for us in the future (the Reuters chat already has).... I wish we had you two for the rest of the book tour.”

— Sam Haswell, (then) Communications Director, Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

book publicity

“Scott is a terrific, dedicated PR pro. I love working with him. I have worked with him on many projects. I always think of him first whenever I am able to hire an outside publicist. I recommend him without reservation.”

— Josh Baran, Baran Strategies

book/film/event publicity, PR, branding + messaging, content development

“Scott was the driving force behind two very successful pro bono marketing projects for NYCfNAC, a nonprofit in New York City that provides financial education and support to low-income communities. He has since joined another project to help Vocational Foundation, a nonprofit that provides job training to young adults. Scott's dedication and work product are superlative; he ranks with some of the very best pro bono consultants I have seen out of the more than 600 corporate volunteers with whom Taproot Foundation has engaged in New York.”

— Blake Smith, (then) Senior Manager of Programs, Taproot Foundation

brand strategy + message development, content development

“Scott's genius lies in his ability to anticipate client needs, project needs, business needs, creative needs and, thus, he's half an hour ahead of everyone else. He possesses a broad and deep knowledge of communications and has a high level ability to solve communication problems.”

— Michael Marlowe — team member on Taproot Foundation projects

brand strategy + message development, content development

"I want to say what a pleasure it was working with you all. I learned a tremendous amount. I think the key messages are superb. I am particularly grateful for the many, many hours you spent researching, interviewing and learning about our wonderful institute and foundation. Your commitment is extraordinary."

— Clare Thomas, board member, National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction

brand strategy + message development

"From start to finish, Scott's management of the complementary publicity campaign for my book was extremely professional. It was invaluable to have access to his keen understanding of the US media, his counsel on what works and what doesn't, and his ability to identify both the novel, as well as the more obvious messages. We could never have achieved this volume of coverage without him."

— David Michie, PhD — author of Buddhism for Busy People; principal at Mosaic Reputation Management in Australia

book publicity

"In the three locations, more than 7000 people participated — a turnout well beyond our most hopeful expectations. Attendance from members of the Tibetan communities was unprecedented....You absolutely rock! Your drive and enthusiasm helped to make this one of the most fulfilling experiences of our life! Lots of love!"

— Markell Brooks Kiefer and Tyson Forbes Lien, founders of TigerLions Arts

event publicity

“I have hired Scott to pitch interviews and media events around combatting AIDS in Asia. He's an accomplished professional who understands public policy issues, has good media contacts, and obtained good placements for my client. I would recommend him highly for any public interest PR project.”

— Stephen Kent, Kent Communications


"It is a challenge for NYCfNAC to work collaboratively with the credit unions and to amalgamate their opinions and shape a coherent outcome. Therefore, you should know that the LEAP brochure has been extremely well received by the credit unions. They were emphatic about the quality, look and message and thought the photos were of actual credit union members. That means that you nailed the look and feel we wanted to project.... We have been encouraged by the response we've received and now must reinforce the message through further mailings."

— Peter Bray, Executive Director, New York City Financial Network Action Consortium (NYCfNAC)

brand strategy + message development, content development

“There is nothing more fufilling than to work for someone who encourages you to think outside the boxnudges you gently in the right direction when needed, and always manages to bring the best out of you.”

— Sophie Yon-Gharbi — hired as Boston outreach coordinator for Phil Donahue's Body of War

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“Having known Scott Tillitt both professionally and personally for more than six years, I can say with confidence that he is one of the most thoughtful, capable, intelligent, resourceful, creative, pleasant and talented communications professionals with whom I have worked in 25 years in the profession. He is a natural self-starter, very comfortable working independently and with minimal direction."

— Rob Copeland, Copeland Communications