You have ambitious plans.

Perhaps you want to encourage dialogue, influence public opinion (and action), pass legislation, pressure leaders or corporations, or simply be recognized as a thought leader and innovator among your peers, funders, media and raving fans.

We're here to help: tell your story and communicate your message, connect with the right audiences, inspire them to action, and make a better world possible.

We package and promote stories. We offer both strategic and creative guidance — we can analyze, counsel, plan, design, implement or all of the above.

We collaborate with our clients. We're comfortable contributing in a flexible capacity, and we're also flexible in our fees. We can work on retainer or per project.

Founder and principal consultant Scott Tillitt leads Antidote's efforts, bringing 20+ years of experience promoting ideas, products and services in various culture-shaping domains.

We also rely on an immediate family of experienced collaborators and a constantly expanding universe of professional and social communities. We collaborate with them as needed, which means you pay for talent and results, not overhead.

We have a broad perspective of issues, sectors and audiences and, with it, insights of the differences among them but also how to connect the dots between them. Our vast experience across a range of communications and marketing disciplines gives us a keen understanding of how all the elements work together.

High-Impact Advising

If you can’t afford a full-fledged contract, just need some quick, actionable advice, or want a low-risk way to determine if we're a good fit for a more involved engagement, this package is for you. It’s designed to be fast, affordable, and impactful. An antidote injection. Click for details.


We also produce a range of inspired workshops that can be tailored to your organization or community. Click for details.









Antidote Collective vs. Traditional Agency


  • Higher costs (overhead) for potentially modest results

  • Potential for hypocrisy and conflicts (with non-values-aligned firm)

  • Most work often managed by junior staffers

  • Often overworked with scattered attention

  • Perhaps a small fish in the pond

  • Beware over-promising and overbilling

Antidote Collective

  • Less overhead, more efficient

  • Aligned values with bona fide credentials

  • Work managed by senior consultants

  • Flexible structure allows for expert collaboration as needed

  • Fewer projects means more commitment, attention

  • Honest assessments and billing

  • Better results, more impact

It’s no longer sufficient to be a solid, competent organization; you have to stir the brain cells — and the hearts — of your intended audience.
— Thomas Davenport and John Beck, The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business