Localism + community impact + social innovators + visioning... whew!

Antidote Collective has always been a platform for social impact through a variety of means, not just consulting for like-minded clients. Here, a sampling of how that's been manifesting (client work included).

TEDxLongDock: This is What Community Looks Like

TEDxLongDock: This is What Community Looks Like

Nothing I've done has been as personally fulfilling as what transpired in Beacon, NY, on June 7, the culmination of months and months of planning and hard, selfless work with a small, dedicated team.

Save Us. Be Creative!

Save Us. Be Creative!

Think about how many of your friends and acquaintances work for themselves — not just those with their own business, but also those who freelance or consult (whether full or part time). How many consider themselves “creative”? Chances are, you know a lot. While the positive impact of cultural institutions is pretty much conventional wisdom at this point, the larger creative economy that includes DIY (do-it-yourself) makers and small, creative businesses is less understood.

Hudson Valley's 1st 'Coworking' Space Swarms to Albany

3rd Location for BEAHIVE, Collaborative Space for Work and Community

'Open Hive' Orientation Event - Wed, Feb 8

BEAHIVEA new kind of collaborative space for work and community is coming soon to Downtown Albany at 418 Broadway. BEAHIVE is in part inspired by a growing worldwide movement in collaboration called "coworking," where people work in a shared space, alone and together.

The original BEAHIVE — the first such space in the Hudson Valley — opened in May 2009 in the heart of Beacon's (NY) Main Street and a second swarmed to Kingston later that winter. The Albany hive is scheduled to accept members by March 1 and is a partnership with real estate agents TL Metzger & Associates.

An orientation to introduce the space and the idea behind it to the public, dubbed "Open Hive," will be held Wednesday, February 8.

OPEN HIVE / Orientation + Gathering Wed., Feb. 8, 5:30 – 7PM BEAHIVE 418 Broadway, Albany, NY RSVP: (518) 426-5211, Details

The original coworking spaces were started by nomadic internet entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to working in coffee shops and cafes or to isolation in independent or home offices.

At the most basic level, the membership-driven BEAHIVE provides a shared, creative work environment for entrepreneurs, the creative class, microbusinesses and consultants. Memberships start at $20/month and range to $350/month for full-time access and your own permanent desk. Non-member day passes are available for $25.

"Given the importance of small business in growing our local economy, I really wanted to create an environment where we can help each other grow our business, generate new ideas and build new relationships," said Tracy Metzger of TL Metzger & Associates. "We expect to have members not only from Albany but also surrounding towns — Troy, Rensselaer, Colonie and beyond."

BEAHIVE also plans personal and professional development workshops and social and cultural events to inspire, educate and bond members — and ultimately, contribute to the larger community. The space is also available to rent for events, parties, workshops and group meetings, with flexible rates depending on the use.

"We’re more than desks and wi-fi and printers," points out BEAHIVE founder Scott Tillitt, who also runs Antidote Collective, a socially conscious communications practice. "We're building a community of members from diverse backgrounds with a range of creative and technical talents and a desire to improve our professional lives, our personal lives and our communities in the greater Hudson Valley."

"Expanding to Albany will grow our community of members and our physical presence, and allow us to better support the growing creative class and microbusinesses in the Hudson Valley," Tillitt adds. "Ultimately we’ll play a bigger role in shaping a Local Living Economy in the region. Our members will collaborate on projects that will have some impact on our communities. Like an incubator with a social mission."

The timing is right for such a space. Many economists agree that record unemployment has and will continue to drive more people into self-employment, as has happened during past recessions. Meanwhile, New York State already has one of the largest populations of microbusinesses (fewer than five employees) in the nation, according to statistics published by the Small Business Association (SBA).

Contact: Scott Tillitt, BEAHIVE - (917) 449-6356, Tracy Metzger, TL Metzger & Associates - (518) 426-5211,

Note: BEAHIVE is a project of Antidote Collective.

[Bzzz] Feb -> More Hive = More Honey / Interns + Sponsors + Art / Events

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[Beacon + Kingston]


Solopreneurs Sounding Board
Tue, Feb 9, 6:30PMRSVP
Members free / $5 public

OPEN HIVE / game
Thu, Feb 18, 6:30pm

OPEN HIVE / film
Thu, Feb 25, 6PM

Film TBD


OPEN HIVE / game
Mon, Feb 8, 6PM

OPEN HIVE / music
New Music Salon
Fri, Feb 12, 7PM
Teri Roiger and John MenegonInfo
Fri, Feb 26, 7PM
Avondale AirforceInfo
Members: $5 / $10 public (suggested)

Solopreneurs Sounding Board
Wed, Feb 17, 5:30PM
RSVPMembers free / $5 public

OPEN HIVE / filmWed, Feb 24, 6PM
Film TBD
Fri, Feb 26, 5PMPenny Dell receptionInfo

Beacon: every Thur, 1PM
Kingston: every Weds, 1PM
Members only

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Day Pass: $20
Community Member: $20/month
Lite Coworker: $90/month
Full Coworker: $150/month
Resident Desk: $200/month

Follow BEAHIVE on Twitter
Follow us on Twitter

We said last month that we have bigger plans for 2010 — to grow our community and our impact, to realize our larger vision.

The workspaces that are probably the most tangible things about BEAHIVE are just means to several ends.

But they are a key component of our model. And more space allows for more means and more ends.

Which is why we've been aching to expand our Beacon location into the front room since we moved in. We need more members to do that.

We could also partner with a like-minded group or business to share that space with us — a small gallery, a group of artisans who could display their wares there, a nonprofit that needs some space for its small staff, a group that just needs a regular place to meet.

So if you know of anyone who may be a good fit, by all means connect us. And remember we have plenty of room for individual members and groups in Kingston.

We have an ongoing need for interns (description) to help realize that larger vision. We particularly need someone soon to help plan and coordinate events in Kingston and/or Beacon. Spread the bzzz, please.

Your message here! Well, not exactly here. But the buzz around BEAHIVE is ever-growing and we're looking for like-minded groups or individuals who want to tap into it. Reach a quality, engaged audience through our events, email list, newsletter, Meetup group, Twitter, etc. Contact Scott to discuss opportunities.

We've started exhibiting art in our Kingston space and plan to have a monthly rotation, tapping into the First Saturday event (like Beacon's Second Saturday). We're looking for artists to hang. Spread the bzzz, please. (Our first artist is Penny Dell. Opening reception: Friday, Feb. 26, 5PM — leading into our regular New Music Salon at 7PM.)

Welcome to our final class of 16 Kingston Founding Members: technology counselor Gerald Berke; Carl Frankel — managing director of the Center for the Intimate Arts; IBM consultant Heather Johnston; web implementor Marian Konop and web engineer Gary Mort of Gotham Informatics.

New Beacon members: architect Kevin Byrne; credit risk modeler (?!) Sam Browning of ZAIS Group; writer Gina Van Nosdall.

Founder Scott Tillitt's other life is doing communications and PR for progressive issues and ideas through Antidote Collective. He's working with BALLE / Business Alliance for Local Living Economies to promote their 8th Annual Business Conference in Charleston, May 21-23. BEAHIVE's principles overlap with BALLE's and indeed our vision aligns quite nicely.
Another new Antidote project: "One World: A Concert for Peace & Reconciliation" at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYC), April 24. It's a program of Arts at the Intersection, a new initiative using the arts to engage intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

"I love the spirit of BEAHIVE, its animating principles — and look forward to becoming more actively involved." (Kingston member Carl Frankel, Center for the Intimate Arts)

"The scale of Uptown Kingston. It's like Cheers, only its not a bar, it's a community. Where everyone knows your name." (Carl Frankel)

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