New Kind of Collaborative Workspace — to Include Civic Dimension

'Open Hive' Launch Party - Sat, June 20

A new kind of shared workspace for independent workers, BEAHIVE, has opened its doors in an artisan-renovated 1907 Bell Telephone building right in the heart of Beacon, NY (291 Main Street). BEAHIVE is in part inspired by a growing worldwide trend in work collaboration called "coworking" and is the first such space in the Hudson Valley. The original coworking spaces were started by nomadic internet entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to working in coffee shops and cafes or to isolation in independent or home offices. BEAHIVE takes that idea and adds a civic dimension.

"We're building a community of members from diverse backgrounds with a range of creative and technical talents and a desire to improve our professional lives, our personal lives and our community of Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley," says Scott Tillitt, founder of BEAHIVE and Antidote Collective, a socially conscious communications practice.

At the most fundamental level, BEAHIVE provides a shared, creative work environment for the creative class, solopreneurs, microbusinesses and consultants to work in both focused silence and collaboration. The space will also hold personal and professional development workshops and social and cultural events.

"More importantly, we'll foment some ideas to help in creating a lively, living, local community by collaborating on community-based projects," Tillitt adds. "Like an incubator with a social mission."

Opened quietly in May, already the community includes more than a dozen members: writers, PR and marketing consultants, technology consultants, graphic designers and illustrators, photographers, activists, the founder of an arts and education nonprofit, and a nutrition and lifestyle counselor.

The timing is right for such a space. Many economists agree that the record-setting job losses of late will drive more people into self-employment, as has happened during past recessions. Meanwhile, New York State already has one of the largest populations of microbusinesses (fewer than five employees) in the nation, according to statistics published by the Small Business Association (SBA). What's more, community spirit and volunteerism has been on the rise, especially since the recession and Obama's call to service.

A party to introduce the space and the idea behind it to the public, dubbed Open Hive, will be held Saturday, June 20. The official after-party down the street is the popular Next Step party, with proceeds helping to fund Electric Windows, a public art project installed at a 19th century factory building in Beacon. Details below.

OPEN HIVE Launch Party
Sat, June 20, 7-10p
BEAHIVE - 291 Main St, Beacon (map)

NEXT STEP After-Party
$7 - proceeds go towards the Electric Windows public art project
The Piggy Bank - 448 Main St, Beacon

  • featuring: VINYL LIFE from Brooklyn (2-DJ set), plus local DJs and special guests, live art

Contact Scott Tillitt for more information: 917-449-6356,