Just For You: 7 Dimensions of High-Impact Branding

Colleagues, clients, collaborators, comrades…

Need to define who you are, what you do and how you do it, who you serve and your promise to them — and better articulate it to the folks who matter?

Need to explain your mission, your values, your personality so those folks truly understand what is different about you?

I help clients do exactly that. I've worked with both big and small — from American Express to nonprofits to social entrepreneurs to authors and filmmakers. I also do these things for my own ventures (BEAHIVE, for example)… and myself.



A couple months ago I spoke at the premiere NYC Green Festival on "Building Your Authentic Brand Image and How to Incorporate Social Media in the Process." I talked less about "social media" and more about branding.

Because you can't do social media properly unless you properly understand your brand.

For that talk I created a pretty informative overview I so neatly titled "7 Dimensions of High-Impact Branding."

It will help you consider all of the elements of a good brand system and the importance of creating one in the first place. (Below is a graphic overview of a brand system.)

I'm happy to send "7 Dimensions of High-Impact Branding" to you gratis.



I'd love to lead you or your clients colleagues through the process. I can't do that gratis (!), but I can do it so you're getting real value... and impact.

Contact me for either.

Peace + progress, Scott

Brand System graphic
Brand System graphic