Breaking the Silence

Dear colleagues, clients, collaborators, comrades…

I'm writing — after what to many of you is a long silence — to share some exciting news I think you'll appreciate. I also have a small request in the form of an offer.

Three years ago I founded BEAHIVE, a new kind of collaborative space for work and community in Beacon, NY, north of NYC in the verdant Hudson Valley. We now have three locations (Albany + Beacon + Kingston), with plans to create a small network of collaborative hives in the Hudson Valley.

(Check out all the media coverage. I'm particularly fond of this recent profile and schematic graphic in social issues magazine Miller-McCune, now renamed Pacific Standard.)

BEAHIVE is aligned with the social impact mission of Antidote Collective and in many ways is a physical manifestation of the collective part.

Now that I have some great partners and a solid structure in place for BEAHIVE, I'm refocusing on Antidote. Here's what's on the immediate horizon…

-> CO-AUTHORING A SOCIAL IMPACT PR BOOK WITH WENDELL POTTER * Details to come. We'll be reaching out to some of you over the next few months to solicit an interview or contribution. You have been warned!

-> SPEAKING AT THE NYC GREEN FESTIVAL, APRIL 21 "Building Your Authentic Brand Image and How to Incorporate Social Media in the Process"

-> ORGANIZING A TEDx * Details to come.



I'm offering a free consultation to select folks to discuss how best to communicate their message and connect with the right audiences, inspire them to action, and make a better world possible.

I'd appreciate if you pass my name along to anyone who may need such PR and communications support — namely leaders at nonprofits, foundations and citizen groups, and social entrepreneurs and thinkers at the intersection of progressive issues, media, arts and culture, socially responsible business and big ideas.

Wendell is available to collaborate with me. You may know him from his bestselling book exposing corporate spin, Deadly Spin (Bloomsbury), which was based on his experience as the former head of communications for CIGNA. (I helped with publicity.) He's now a contributor to the Center for Public Integrity and regular MSNBC commentator, among other things.

If you're unfamiliar, Antidote offers both strategic and creative guidance — we can analyze, counsel, plan, design, implement or all of the above. Our full offerings here.


As Wendell and I are working on the book, I'll be sending occasional think pieces, reports and antidotes to make a better world possible — from me and some of my Collective friends.

Peace + progress, Scott