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Conscious Entrepreneurship: Mindful Tools to Build Profit + Purpose

A series of workshops produced by Antidote Collective and On Belay Business Advisors that provide universal tools and mindsets for entrepreneurs to grow a thriving venture — and find their purpose.

For entrepreneurs and senior employees seeking to start or grow a socially responsible venture, this weekend intensive interweaves business basics with social/environmental/personal values, inner awareness, and a vision of community.

Each hands-on workshop is led by a topic expert and guided by the series facilitators. Threaded throughout the weekend are mindfulness exercises, individual exercises, and opportunities to share with your peers.

Topics might include branding with purpose, communicating your value(s), marketing with purpose, people + culture, legal strategies, accounting + finance issues, and personal leadership.

Our inaugural series (originally titled "IMPACT: Crafting A Thriving Venture For The New Economy") was held Oct/Nov 2014 in Hudson, NY, in partnership with Etsy and Re>Think Local. We also partnered with the New York Open Center to run the series in April/May 2016 in NYC.

[I came away with a] greater ability to focus on goals and clarify purpose. Also, some specific strategies to improve business practices — i.e. responding to Facebook mentions, paying more attention to accounting practices.... Can’t wait to share some of the self exploration exercises with the nonprofits I work with. I think they will be hugely helpful in helping members to work together towards a common goal. [What I enjoyed most:] new perception of leadership that reaffirms my interest in taking on more responsibility in my community.
— Solveig Comer (Hudson, NY, 2014)


Your brand is your greatest asset. It’s more than your logo and name. It’s your story. The truest expression of your purpose. In this presentation and workshop, we explore the 7 dimensions of a solid brand system that will help articulate your stories to the folks who matter in a way that resonates with them, engages them, and inspires them to action. Branding is one of our core competencies. We also talk about aligning your brand with your vision and values and can incorporate strategic visioning into the mix.

Scott Tillitt has presented various iterations at such events and venues as:

Scott shed some light on the science of branding and asked some great questions AND delivered solutions to an oft misunderstood, but essential piece of our business process. In fact, after 30+ years trying to master this practice, he perhaps brought me the most clarity in one morning.
— Rick Gabrielly, The Marriage Boss (Beacon, NY, 2015)


These workshops and retreats led by Amy Soucy and Scott Tillitt are a unique, profound way to map your future by combining awareness-based practices and community building with strategic visioning exercises. The experience helps in determining purpose and strategic direction and bringing clarity to individuals and those they work with: partners, employees, customers.

For teams and individual creators of all stripes: social entrepreneurs, activists, nonprofit leaders, organizers, artists, educators... anyone willing to stand in the fires of change in order to create a better world for themselves and others.

Scott is a fabulous facilitator of entrepreneurial social change. Together with Amy they lead an embodied heart-led workshop that will transform your business. Highly recommended!
— Angelica Palmer, Green Circle Consulting (Omega Institute, 2016)